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Effective Date: April 01, 2020

Deposit Services
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF$35 per item
Courtesy Pay Member Privilege item $35 per item
Overdraft Transfer -share to share $2 per transfer
Regular Savings -more than 6 withdrawal per month $2 per w/d
Copy of Cleared Check $2 per page
Returned Check -Two-Party Check$10 per item
Check payable & drawn on same person $35 per item
Christmas Club early withdrawal $20 per w/d
Stop Payment$35 per item
Account Research & Reconciliation$25 per hour
Inactive or Dormant Account (12 months of no activity)$10 per month
Statement reprint $2 per printed page or $5 per PDF file
Legal Processing $100 per request
Tax Levy/Garnishment $50 per request
Account Closure (within 90 days) $25
IRA rollover to other Fl $50 per request
Certificates of Deposit penalty for early w/d
Term 6 months or less 3 months interest
Term more than 6 months 6 months interest
Bill Pay (internet banking)
Same-Day/Next Day Payments $15
Inactive Bill Pay $10
Card Services
Credit/Debit Card Replacement $10
Pin Replacement $5
Expedited Card or Pin Replacement $75
Transfer of Funds
Incoming Domestic Wires $15
Outgoing Domestic Wires $30
Return/Invalid Wire Fee $35
Rush Fee (same business day after 2:30pm) $25
Consumer Loans
Documentation Fee $40
Return Loan Payment/Return Check, EFT or ACH$35
Account Research & Reconciliation $25 per hour
Consumer Loan Late Payment (15 or more days) $25
Skip -a-Payment $20
Expedited Automobile Title Lien Release $15
Verification of Deposit Request $10
Repo Redemption Fee $100
Real Estate Loans
Credit Report $20
Underwriting fee $60
Property Appraisal Actual Cost
Property SurveyActual Cost
Title Insurance and endorsements Actual Cost
Recording fees -deed and/or mortgage Actual Cost of Filing
Documentary StampsActual Cost
Manufactured Home title fees Actual Cost of Filing
Tax service fee Actual Cost
Flood Zone Determination and life of loan tracking Actual Cost
Wood destroying organisms report Actual Cost
Satisfaction of Mortgage Actual Cost of Filing
Account Research & Reconciliation $25 per hour
Real Estate Loan Late Payment 5% of payment due
Return Loan Payment/Return Check, EFT or ACH $35
Miscellaneous Services
Copying $2 per page
Facsimile$2 per page
Return Mail/ Bad Address $5 per month
Postage Actual Cost
Unrolled coin deposit or exchange 10% of coin total
Check Cashing -Non Members $10 per item